Transformation is not temporary. Here’s why.

You know I’m a nerd for disruption 🤓. Well, I’m also a nerd for its close friend, transformation — those big changes that are unavoidable in our fast-paced world.

But many leaders I see and work with misunderstand transformation. They think of it as temporary: a project with a start and end date.

That’s a disservice to your organization and the power of transformation! The need for transformation is constant, and fundamentally changes that way you do business. It might look like:

  • Digital transformation, involving digitizing your operations to better meet customers’ needs

  • IT transformation, like taking a legacy system (often in support of a digital transformation) and making it more flexible

  • Support function transformation, where a department like human resources, finance, or legal undergoes a change

  • Operational transformation, which typically affects the manufacturing side or the supply chain and procurement

  • Workforce or workplace transformation, such as transitioning your workforce to fully or partially remote after a pandemic!

You’re able to be most agile and disruptive when you think of transformation as a friend who’s there when you need her, supporting you to face growth or challenge with equanimity.

My Latest:

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  • I’m speaking at Global Skills Day next Tuesday, July 20th! This free event focuses on the future of inclusive work, learning, HR, and entrepreneurship. There are so many good speakers! Interested? You know what to do with this link.

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  • Resource: Mentimeter is an online polling software that lets you insert your poll into your powerpoint! So if you’re presenting on Zoom it’s built right into your presentation — you don’t need to do the link-in-the-chat-start-stop-screenshare song and dance. I recorded a short video for you to see how it works.