It’s time to heal our relationship with failure

This is so important!

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We must heal our abusive relationship with failure.

We have so much shame and embarrassment about failing! It’s as if making mistakes and natural human error mean something is intrinsically wrong with us. That’s how we react. And that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Fearing and avoiding failure is a death knell for disruption. You can’t disrupt the status quo if you’re frozen with anxiety at the thought of messing up.

That’s what I devoted my livestream to this week. We had a rich discussion about how you and your organization can rethink what “failure” means, and harness it as the valuable data point it is.

Because that is what failure truly is: data.

It doesn’t mean you’re bad or wrong. It doesn’t mean your team is bad or wrong. Failure is information, learning, and insight that illuminates what you need to do next.

I urge you to watch the replay and let it sink in. Our abusive relationship with failure is holding us back from disrupting the sectors that need it. And with the latest climate change report and the wildfires plaguing my home state of California, I hope it’s abundantly clear how much disruption our world needs.

Failure paves the path to disruption.

When was the last time you embraced failure with open arms? Hit reply and let me know.

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