Give Me 3 Minutes and I’ll Let You in on My Biggest Prediction for Leaders in 2024

Have you ever been a parent to a teenager? Then you've experienced what it's like when they first realize their newfound power—when they discover they have autonomy, agency, and independence. 

It’s overwhelming, isn’t it? Sure, you want your child to grow into a free-thinking adult, but, oof, that rebellious phase can be brutal. You’re left to wonder: 

“How much freedom should I give them?”

“What’s within my control?”

“What decisions can I still make?”

My kids are well past this stage, but I remember it well. And as I forecast what is in store for leaders in the coming year, I see this same scenario playing out in nearly every organization around the globe. 

I shared a handful of key priorities for the next 12 months in my latest Leading Disruption newsletter, but one stood out. My biggest prediction for 2024? Leadership itself will change completely.

Just as you must change how you parent a toddler and a teenager, leaders must change how they lead teams adopting generative AI technologies.

You must shift from managing tasks to managing people. Until recently, you were likely promoted because you knew how to do the job better than anyone else, but now, with AI, employees are getting their hands on these tools, and they’re beginning to feel like those teenagers who’ve discovered a renewed sense of power. They can do so much more than they ever could before, and, as with any good rebellious phase, they’ll start to leverage that power.

They won’t need to wait for permission. They won’t sit quietly. Because when they see untapped potential, they’ll speak out and ask why their teams aren’t moving faster. They can and will get the job done—even without you. 

As their manager, you’re facing not just an evolution but a revolution on the part of your employees who want to use AI to improve their jobs, likely so they can accomplish more. And although that’s undoubtedly a good thing, this new power dynamic will require you to reassess your relationship with your AI-enabled employees. How you lead them will have to change. A step further, you’ll have to lead the change—this transformation surrounding generative AI—itself. 

Are managers, collectively, ready for this monumental mindset shift? 

From my vantage point, the answer is no.

Leaders have never had the privilege of managing superhumans before! 

But they can be if they make generative AI leadership development a top priority for 2024. Knowing that this change is coming is key and preparing for it is essential.

Leaders will need humility—but also confidence!—to shift their roles from expert to guide or facilitator. They will need to ask great questions, not just deliver answers. They must keep everyone focused on purpose and objectives. 

At the same time, they’ll need to offer reassurance. Especially if the organization’s strategy is unclear, as many right now are, teams will have questions about their prospects with AI. 

Double down on investing in your relationships with your teams. Be as transparent as possible about what is happening. Show your commitment to figuring it out together. 

It makes you kind of miss those angsty teen years, huh?

— Charlene

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Charlene Li

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