Don’t Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Story Before …

Let me tell you a story, and if you know me personally, it’s one you’ve no doubt heard me tell before:

When Jeff Weiner was the CEO of LinkedIn, he had a reputation for being a broken record. 

He’d start every single meeting, whether it was external or internal, the exact same way:

“Hi, I’m Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn, and our purpose is to connect the world’s professionals. One of the ways we do that is …”

He’d then mention the same overarching vision, value, and strategy. 

He repeated this over and over and over again. If you had four meetings with Jeff over the course of the day, you’d hear him say that spiel four times, minimum. 

Of course, people would roll their eyes and ask him when he was ever going to stop. 

His reply?

“I will stop doing it when people stop looking surprised.”

Still, I know too well that many leaders don’t think they need to repeat themselves. 

Nearly 10 years ago, I was advising a major tech company, and during a meeting, I asked the CMO about her team’s strategy for the year. She said, “Oh, we spent several days developing that at our offsite a few weeks ago, so my team would be happy to tell you.” She looked at her colleagues, who all avoided eye contact as they were fumbling to look up the answers on their laptops as fast as they could. 

They’d devoted time and talent to developing an important strategy and within a few weeks, they’d all forgotten it completely. 

Conversely, I had a meeting with someone from LinkedIn about a new product, and I asked him why his team made a particular decision about that product choice. He said, “Well, our purpose is to connect the world’s professionals, and one of our values that informed our—”

I couldn’t help but interrupt: “Are you actually channeling Jeff Weiner right now?”

He nodded, knowingly. 

It bears repeating: Your job as a leader is to say the important things so many times that you can’t believe you are saying it again. It’s your job to sound like a broken record. 

To this day, I wonder how everyone isn’t bored of me and what I have to say—I’ve spoken about the same things so often that they surely must know it all by now. Yet each time I deliver a message, someone looks at me with the wide eyes and slow nod of an a-ha moment.

I repeat: Repeat.

Now it’s your turn. When was the last time you spoke about your organization’s purpose, values, or strategy to your team? When have you heard anyone else mention them?  

— Charlene

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Charlene Li

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