Can your company handle the disruption it needs?

Question for you: Can your company handle the disruption it needs?

If you're not sure about the answer, it's because of your culture.

What IS culture?

Culture is simply a system of beliefs. And your beliefs can and will hold you back from moving into necessary disruption. Beliefs like,

  • we don't have permission,

  • we don't have the people or budget, or

  • we have to be perfect.

If these beliefs sound familiar, I’m inviting you to jettison them! Instead, you can adopt and identify NEW beliefs that will move you forward. These are beliefs like,

  • we have permission to step forward,

  • we do have the people and budget if we prioritize, and

  • we have room to fail and learn as long as we keep moving forward.

There's nothing more important than having the confidence that your company can handle disruption, that no matter the outcome you’ll be OK. And that confidence comes from having a culture that practices and supports disruption every day.

My Latest:

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  • I’m sending this while on a mindfulness retreat, and I’ve been thinking deeply about Peter Drucker’s quote: “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” There is SO MUCH misunderstanding about culture, and I can’t wait to dig into it with you! Join me on Tuesday August 3rd at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET, for a three-part series on disruptive cultures. Click here to get reminders on LinkedIn!

Good Things:

  • Good Reads: If you need to rethink and unlearn beliefs, there’s no better book than Think Again by Adam Grant. He lays out the case for open-mindedness and provides practical tips on how to do this. It’s a great read for you -- and your team.

  • Referrals: Eva Jannotta from my team, who helps women create and produce thought leadership. In my first three months with Eva we launched and published two new thought leadership platforms and saw a 60% increase in engagement on LinkedIn. You can connect with Eva on LinkedIn.

  • Resource: Ecamm Live! I love this virtual camera because I can embed slides into my video stream -- especially helpful in Zoom presentations to avoid the tiny-head-big-presentation look. Ecamm creates a much better experience for you audience -- but there is a lets you control what your slides look like. Here's a short video example.

  • Alternate Resource: I’ve been obsessed lately with cohort-based courses (CBCs), and I loved taking Wes Kao’s three-week bootcamp on how to create one. Her next cohort starts in September, and I highly recommend it!