A big gulp moment is coming. Are you ready?

Who are you going to be?

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Who are you going to be when that big gulp moment arrives?

That big gulp moment is when you have to make a disruptive decision. And with the ongoing pandemic, the Great Resignation, the fast pace of technology and the reality of climate change, I see many big gulp moments coming down the pike.

When you face one, it's going to feel dangerous. You're going to be at that edge looking over a precipice, and your palms are going to be sweaty, and your heart is going to be beating through your chest. Who're you going to be?

Are you going to be that person who steps back into their comfort zone? Who retreats from that edge?

Are you going to be that person who goes right up to the edge and steps into the void, into uncertainty, driven by the possibility of the future, this exponential breakthrough growth?

You can actually train for that big gulp moment. You can prepare by having a discipline of disruption built into the things you do every day, by making little gulp decisions that nudge at your comfort zone and the status quo.

That's where you get the confidence — and courage — to make those big gulp decisions.

Ask yourself, when that big gulp moment arrives, will you be ready?

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